Doom II Track Car

One of the fastest Porsches in the world, this car was banned from the GT-1R class at the Porsche Parade track event when it debued in June 1997 because it was too fast and embarrassed the LeMans cars, GT cars and other ultimate Porsches of the time.  It lapped the Texas World Speedway track at College Station, TX six seconds faster than the next car.   The car also holds fastest lap time at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit and Mineral Wells race track

The base for this car is a Porsche 911 front tub connected to a custom fabricated, tube rear end chassis.  The suspension is March Indy car adapted to the tub and tube fabrication.  The chassis  is married to a turbo-charged, Porsche 968 engine and 930 transaxle, covered by a carbon fiber bespoke body.

The car is an evolution of the Doom I car, which was mysteriously stolen…Engine management is handled by a Motec computer and includes a complete dashboard display.  The engine is fuel injected as well as turbo charged, running on ethanol producing in excess of 800 horsepower. 

The interior has a full digital instrument package, including electronic tach and speedometer, water temp and other selectable gauges.  The car has remained hidden since before the year 2000 but is now in excellent running condition and has newly replaced carbon fiber body panels. The car is lien free and will be sold on a Bill of Sale.  The car is located in the Dallas, Texas area and is available for inspection.  A magazine article by Jeff Hartman, which appeared in Porsche’s Excellence magazine and which discusses the car was written in June 1998. A photocopy of the article is available for review.

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