Ferrari 288 GTO Looking to compete in the FIA’s now-legendary Group B, Ferrari produced and designed the 288 GTO in order to homologate it for competition within that series, which called for a production run of 200 cars. Group B took the world by storm following its introduction in the early ’80s, especially in Europe. Group B was cancelled in 1987 but Ferrari had fully developed and homologated the 288 GTO, so the 288 GTO  was sold the car to its most loyal customers.

This car is a roller, ready for completion to the buyer's specifications. The car has a complete drivetrain, including freshly rebuild original engine. Factory inter coolers are available but not installed. Turbos have not been purchased. The build uses original parts and designs to bring the thrill of the 288 GTO to the customer at a price less than the millions required to own a factory car.  Built on a sturdy tubular steel chassis, it incorporates an extended wheelbase to permit the longitudinal installation of the V-8 engine. The mid-mounted V-8 is produced 400 hp through four valves per cylinder from the factory. The same power will be derived from this car when properly completed with Motec electronic fuel injection and twin Garrett/Tial turbochargers.

The car requires paint and interior as well as completion of the mechanicals.

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